2017 China (Qiandongnan) International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM World Voices Conference, Kaili City, 8-13 August 2017

On 14 May 2017, a successful press conference was held in Shanghai promoting the upcoming 2017 China (Qiandongnan) International Folk Song Choral Festival and IFCM World Voices Conference.

During the press conference, music professionals and news/media outlets from China and abroad were able to experience the rich culture of the Miao and Dong people. Through a special live performance of their songs and dance, attendees observed the passion they have for song and dance and their role in daily life. Miao and Dong people have colourful costuming that is native to each village and tribe; these costumes are rich in colour and are hand-embroidered to show each village’s colours. Known for their silver hand-made jewellery, Miao and Dong people wear astonishing headpieces, pins, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories all crafted in, that make their costumes dazzle for the audience.

During this festival, as delegates learn about the Miao and Dong people, they will also discover other folk cultures from around the world. As part of the IFCM World Voices Conference, the Barents Ensemble (Lapland), Voz en Punto (Mexico), Dalinda Vocal Group (Sweden), Kentucky Harmony (USA) and The Chuck Nation Band (USA) will perform concerts to promote the importance of folk culture exchange and education. Participants will observe lectures given by world-renowned ethnomusicologists including Márta Sebestyen (Hungary), Katarina Barruk (Sweden), Karen Brunssen (USA), Allen Henderson (USA), Samir Bahajin (Morocco), and Sylvie Le Bomin (Benin). Assisting Philip Brunelle, Co-Artistic Director for this Festival, was Gan Lin, Co-Artistic Director, and representatives from IFCM’s Founding Members, Gábor Móczár from the European Choral Association-Europa Cantat (ECA-EC), Tim Sharp from the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), and Thierry Thiébaut of Coeur Joie International (ACI).

Experience the rich culture of Qiandongnan, and join us this August 2017 for a journey to experience folk music from around the world.

**2017 中国(黔东南)国际民歌合唱节 暨国际合唱联盟”世界声音对话”