A Singing Continent — Voices from Latin America

Ana Patricia Carbajal Córdova, Choral Director and Cultural Promoter, Mexico

In April 2020, we began this marvellous journey that we undertook in response to the looming adversities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What began as a network of support and conversation between colleagues and friends, turned into a creative space which allowed us to create this beautiful project called “Canción con Todos” (“Sing Together”). This united more than 200 choirs and 800 voices singing a Latin American hymn composed by Armando Tejada Gómez and César Isella, with representations of each of the countries of Latin America. The composer César Isella (who passed away in January 2021) greeted all the participants. We organised a collection per country to pay the audio and video editors, the musical arrangement by Behomar Rojas was a free collaboration, so between all of us, we were able to work with our networks to make this dream come true. We are proud of this collaborative achievement, a sample of how teamwork makes the dream work, all for the sheer love of choral singing and what it means in our lives.



Translated by Rebeka Angstmann, UK