E poi le parole: Renaissance

ICB asks members of the choral world about how a particular word resonates with them. This time, the word is ‘Renaissance’. Let’s share some inspiring points of view.

When I hear the word ‘Renaissance’,it evokes a multitude of feelings. Amongst them is one of how the beauty of the unknown allows me to enjoyably  rediscover the Music and the Arts! Nikos Adraskelas, choir master, pianist, festival organiser. Horto, Greece.

Renaissance is the evolution of life itself, of an individual’s life. It is an unstoppable force that allows us to change, adapt and continue to grow to overcome any challenges we face, to become stronger, better, to be reborn as many times as necessary. Melisa Ayelén Telechea Pacheco, violinist and pedagogue, Córdoba, Argentina.

Having discussed the theme recently in a radio broadcast, the term “Renaissance” immediately makes me think of the revival of the old analogue synthesizers. Now that we have overcome the weaknesses of analogue technology in many aspects of life through digitalisation, we view the idiosyncrasies of old things with renewed appreciation. Leonie Reineke, Editor for New Music with SWR2 (German music radio station), Cologne.

Renaissance for me is the reinvention of something, the rebirth, rejuvenation or reincarnation of a previously existing phenomenon. It is the bringing to life of an idea or ideas which were previously in existence but which became dormant, possibly due to ideological/technological development. Ken Wakia, conductor, composer, arranger, Vice President of the African Confederation for Choral Music, Nairobi, Kenya

Synonyms for Renaissance are rebirth and renewal. Today we are ‘called’ to renew our views on climate change, health care, and political ideology. Our future demands new directions if Renaissance is to be realized. I remain hopeful. Royce Saltzman, past IFCM President, Eugene (OR), USA

Renaissance is like a spring flood smashing through the worn ice of a hard frozen winter, and the initial recovery following an illness. It’s Leonardo’s staircase and his Musician as well.To me, renaissance represents a never-ending, inspiring and promising series of new beginnings. Anna Tveritinova, conductor, Saint Petersburg, Russia

In life, we do not have power over how we are born. But we have a choice during our lifetime to be reborn. This is our personal renaissance. It is about striving for perfection in the world, a journey embarked on by the most courageous of us. Roula Abou Baker, singer and manager, IMC Executive Board Member, IFCM co-opted Board member, Tripoli, Lebanon

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Edited by William Young, UK