From the Editor of ICB……

Andrea Angelini

Editor of ICB


The first thing the new Editor of a magazine must do, of course, is to introduce himself to his readers. And I should hate to break this rule! I am the new Managing Editor of ICB; I begin my task with this issue and hope to continue for many more issues.  And what a task! A huge responsibility, bearing in mind that ICB has readers all over the world and that the Editor’s decisions will be carefully scrutinised and evaluated and, I hope, appreciated in all five continents.

Let me first express my warmest good wishes to Jutta Tagger who has been fulfilling this task (incredible but true) for all of seventeen years! A record, I’m certain. How can we possibly thank someone who has devoted almost twenty years of her life, with infinite patience, to coordinating musicians scattered all over the world? It is thanks to her, and to her perseverance, that ICB has become one of the most valued magazines on the choral scene today. Needless to say, my thanks extend also to all the collaborators and translators who have made this venture possible.  Warmest thanks to the IFCM Editorial Team who had faith enough in my capabilities to entrust the editorial management of the magazine to me. I shall do my best not to disappoint them, and hope to surprise you all with ever more interesting articles.

And now let me introduce myself: I am a full-time Choir Conductor and I am already the Editor of an Italian Choral Magazine. End of story! From now on, I would like you all to think of me just as “the friend of all Choirs and Choral Associations”. ICB will do everything in its power to be “a home for all”, a window opening on to the international scene through which you can all take a look at what is happening in the world of choral music. I expect the maximum from all our collaborators, because a magazine is only a good magazine when each and every one of us does our very best to make it good.

You can write to me at my e-mail address to ask for advice or submit intellectual contributions, and also to criticise or disagree with what we publish.

Many thanks to you all.






Andrea Angelini



English version by Gillian Forlivesi Heywood, Italy