The ICB Has a new Managing Editor: Andrea Angelini

Jutta Tagger

Outgoing Managing Editor


Many of you may not know that the International Choral Bulletin (ICB) is older than the IFCM itself. The first issue is dated July 1981, whereas the IFCM was officially founded in the summer of 1982. At that time, the ICB was a real news bulletin (thence the name “Bulletin”) of 4 or 8 pages, mostly written in English. Sometimes there were articles in one of the other official IFCM languages, sometimes translations.

I have been involved in the ICB almost from the beginning, in one way or another. It was a brainchild of the late Walter Collins from Denver, at that time ACDA Vice-President. He and the much missed Jim Bjorge from New York were the first editors; it was published at the ACDA national office in Lawton, Oklahoma. The internet did not exist, and the fax was the great novelty, so international work was not as easy as now.

We have come a long way since, and the ICB has developed in accordance with its time, much helped on the way by Jean-Claude Wilkens, who managed it for a while at the International Center for Choral Music (ICCM) and who “designed” its structure.

For the last 17 years I have been the Managing Editor, if not in title, but de facto. It has been a wonderful time, I loved the job (which I learned by doing), with its many musical and spiritual rewards and even more friendships around the world.

Now the time has come for me to pass on this task to the younger generation. This issue is the last one under my responsibility.

Andrea Angelini from Rimini, Italy, is an all-round musician. Among other academic achievements, he obtained a master in choral conducting in 1992. He teaches music, and as a choral conductor has his own professional group, the Musica Ficta Vocal Ensemble. Some of you may know him, for he is a frequent jury member of international choral (and organ) competitions and has conducted choirs like Jauna Muzika (Lithuania), Ave Sol (Latvia) and others. He has editorial experience, as he is the director of the Italian choral magazine FARCORO, and he has published score transcriptions of major works and arrangements for a German and an American publisher. He speaks fluent English and understands French and Spanish.

In its July meeting in Utrecht, the IFCM Executive Committee accepted his candidature as the new Managing Editor of the ICB as per January 2010. We have already started working together and are developing a good professional relationship.

I am very happy with this capable successor, and I am sure you all will be too. Of course, I will continue to be available for help or advice whenever desired or necessary.

May he enjoy this work and the ensuing relations with all IFCM members as much as I have.

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Jutta Tagger

Outgoing Managing Editor