Latin-American Association for Choral Singing

(Asociación Latinoamericana de Canto Coral ALACC) – Chile


News from the Southern Hemisphere


The Latin-American Association for Choral Singing ALACC-Chile celebrated its tenth year of existence under the presidency of Maestro Waldo AránguizThompson. In these ten years it continued to make progress by dedicating all its forces to the development of choral singing, helping the country’s choirs by networking with other Latin-American countries and the world, in particular by organizing the International Choir Festival “Mario Baeza”, which takes place every two years.The sixth festival will take place in Valparaíso and in Viña del Mar in 2010.

In September 2009, a new Board was elected; its members will continue to work in the spirit of its now Honorary President, Maestro Aránguiz.

The new Board consists of:

  • President: Maestra Ruth Godoy, a university teacher and choral director of great renown in the choral world of Chile
  • Vice-Presidene: Maestro Guillermo Vergara
  • Secretary: Sylvia Frische
  • Treasurer: Carlos Obaíd
  • Members: Ana Luisa Pérez, Hernán Cuevas and Sergio Campos

Sylvia Frische, Secretary of ALACC-Chile



Translated from the Spanish by JuttaTagger, France