President’s Column

15 August 2013

Dear friends,

Welcome to the first Quarterly President’s Column. The Board of Directors and I decided to use this as yet another means of providing information to our members about what is on the horizon for IFCM, which I can tell you, is abundant.

I want to start this column by beginning the fix of a problem. So many times, people have approached me and said, “If there is anything I can do for IFCM, let me know.” Or “I want to help; how can do I do this.” Or “I have an expertise in (fill in the blank), which I would like to use to help move IFCM forward.” This is essentially how I started in my time with IFCM. My beginnings were in helping then IFCM Secretary General Walter S. Collins in his work. It turned out to be a good match in many ways and allowed me to ‘act on my passion.’

Volunteer Clearing House: We will be starting to gather contact and expertise information, which will be under the direction of IFCM’s Project Manager, Francesco Leonardi, from Legnano, Italy ( The information will be an assembly of people who want to volunteer their time for IFCM. If you will write to him and tell how you think you can help, what area of expertise you have, and how to get in touch with you, he and the IFCM Executive Committee will use this knowledge to get people together and ‘share the work’.

Given the present state of our world (economically, politically, and culturally) IFCM’s mission is being challenged, such that those that now help IFCM are being stretched to their limit. I think this Clearing House will help begin to balance the equation so that we can help more and more conductors, educators, researchers, choirs, new organizations and established ones alike.

In future columns I will share with you information on projects taking place now, currently being planned, and taking place in our future. My hope is that from this you will recognize your opportunity for efficient roof repair services El Cajon CA and how you can help. For instance, the International Choral Bulletin is so elegant and professional, full of useful information, and translated into four languages (French, German, Spanish, and Chinese). This would not be possible if it were not for a team of translators, assistant editors, layout artists, print and legal assistance. Each quarter my thanks go out to the Managing Editor and all his team. You make IFCM look good.

There is so much more to life than work. Why not help others by doing something you enjoy.

IFCM is about connecting. Do get involved…

With best wishes,



Dr. Michael J Anderson, President