E poi le parole: training

For me training means discipline and stamina and a great deal of patience :)) which sometimes I lack. As a freelance musician and music teacher I sometimes find it quite difficult to keep to my practice routine. A few months ago I had a fortnight as artist-in-residence, and that really brought home to me again how important it is to train daily, and what it does for me and my creativity and my technical skills.

Azin Zahedi, flautist and player of the santour [Persian zither-like instrument – translator’s note], Teheran, Iran/Berlin. Germany

The first thing that resonates with me with “training” is that it is a life-long process, we never stop learning. And we need to train constantly to adapt to changes in society and the world and provide training to allow everybody to improve.

Sonja Greiner, Secretary General of the European Choral Association

In my life as a choral conductor, it has become clear to me that training a choir does not only involve musical training. It also has to do with training patience and endurance, solidarity and compassion. All positive training aims for growth, it involves acquiring more skill and talent, becoming attuned to one’s environment and situation, and always aiming higher.

Thorgerdur Ingólfsdóttir, Conductor of Hamrahlídarkórinn (The Hamrahlíd Choir), Reykjavik, Iceland

For me, “training” is the action of wanting to grow in some way and nourish yourself with the learning that it provides. It reflects the desire, the connection with what you do and what you learn. So it is to test yourself.

Abril Olmedo, amateur musician and student of Sport teaching, Embalse, Argentina

Training is inspiring. Good training can give us ideas for improving, and for living better.

Tomoko Yokoyama, conference interpreter and choral singer, Nagano, Japan

Training is the habit, or rather the skills, acquired by repeating experiences in any field.

Hind Boulkheir, Professor of music, choir conductor, Tangier, Morocco

Training makes me think of consistency, dedication, and growth. A handful of years ago, I trained and ran my first Marathon. Training to run 26.2 miles required focus, strength, endurance, pacing, passion, and steadfast commitment to live a new lifestyle. Training necessitates routine.

Elyse Brimeyer, Music teacher and school principal, Urbandale, Iowa, USA.