IFCM Ambassador Program

By Francesco Leonardi, IFCM Project Manager
Translated from the Italian by Marvin Vann, USA


Through its membership, IFCM brings together over fifty thousand choirs from throughout the world. This impressive number, which conveys to each of the members a sense of being part of a great family of choral enthusiasts which covers the whole earth, gives an idea of just how widespread choral singing is in all nations and continents.

However, one may note that not the entire world of choristers, directors, choirs, and composers is united in this common house of music. There are still choirs that have not heard of IFCM, that have not yet been made aware of the great work that IFCM carries out in promoting choral music.

Thus, making our work known, sharing our experience, making plans together while sharing, as much as possible, each person’s resources – these are important goals of IFCM.

The IFCM Ambassador Program is one of the means by which IFCM wishes to render itself ever more present and visible in the world of choral music.

The program envisages the nomination of “IFCM Ambassadors” for those choirs invited by an IFCM arts commission to an event held by the federation. This role, which is valid for one year, will make the choir involved responsible, as much as it is able, for promoting IFCM’s mission and logo wherever the choir may appear, from its web site to any printed materials it may produce.

Everyone who has had the good fortune to participate in the tenth World Symposium on Choral Music in Seoul has been given a chance to participate in this program, since all those choirs invited were given the opportunity to become Ambassadors of IFCM.

The Federation expects those choirs chosen and invited to represent their countries before the entire world of choral music at WSCM10 to disseminate in detail, wherever their artistic careers carry them, news about the projects IFCM supports to help spread and cultivate choral music.

What is being offered these choirs is certainly a great honor: that of representing fifty thousand choral groups from throughout the world, of being considered worthy to represent choral music at its highest levels. Above all, this honor confers upon these groups the duty to work hard to see that the artistic level of their performances remains elevated.

As always, with great honor comes great responsibility: that of maintaining the good name of IFCM and of working together to widen the great, world-wide family of choral art.