The creation of an ICB... Have you ever wondered how an ICB is conceived?

At the IFCM office

My first layout for the ICB dates from 2002. Jean-Claude Wilkens, IFCM Secretary-General at the time, gave me some basic software lessons, and that was the start of a great passion. Ever since, I have looked forward to logging onto our online accounts to see the material that will make up our next ICB: texts, scores, authors’ biographies and photos from around the world. Everything is there! The layout can begin!

At the same time, I track reservations for advertising space, and place the graphics. By the way, don’t delay in reserving your spot!

Finally, after careful review by the Managing Editor and our marvelous Editor Emerita Jutta Tagger, a PDF document is sent to the printer for the paper version, and an electronic version, which includes extra pages dedicated to a choral calendar, is posted to the IFCM website and to the electronic publishing platform ISSUU.

The paper version is sent to members who have opted to receive a hard copy. It is also sent to the translators who helped providing the texts in four languages, and to the contributing authors for the issue. In the meantime, the translated texts are uploaded individually to the ICB website, and the links sent to readers in more than 80 countries.

Nadine Robin, IFCM Office Manager

Nadine and one of her supurrvisers


Translated from the French by Joshua Habermann, USA