WSCM 2023 Backstage

The World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM) is taking place in Istanbul on 25-30 April. This huge event is an exciting challenge for both IFCM and the local organisers. Let us introduce the managers of the different departments before we all meet them soon in Türkiye!

Burak Onur Erdem, Festival Director

The director makes sure we offer the best WSCM Istanbul experience possible and works actively with all the organization’s offices.


Aslıhan Sapas Aşçı, WSCM Coordinator

The Coordinator role involves coordinating the different symposium offices, as well as handling administrative issues in collaboration with the symposium director to ensure that all procedures of the event progress as planned for a wonderful WSCM2023 İstanbul experience.


Zehra Levent, Festival Office Manager

We manage the Festival Office, which takes care of all the people that will come to WSCM 2023. We manage the registration process and the info desk, ensuring that all participants and musicians know how to navigate the symposium and the city. We plan and organize the WSCM Expo, and handle communication with all presenters, choirs, participants and exhibitors. We are also responsible for hosting VIP meetings and protocol events, providing accommodation and transfers for our choirs, board members and VIP guests, and also making sure they have a tasty lunch in between their busy symposium schedule.


Pelin Küçükerdoğan, Music Officer

In the music office of the World Symposium on Choral Music 2023, we are working to ensure that the Symposium is unforgettable by gathering choirs from all around the world, arranging spectacular venues for the performances and preparing a programme where everyone can find content for their interest. From concerts to workshops, masterclasses to presentations, we wish to offer a rich variety of activities for everyone.


Mustafa Kayserilioğlu, Communication Officer

We carry out the communication of the symposium on all digital channels. We are introducing changing horizons, this year’s theme of the symposium, together with the choral culture in Istanbul and Turkey.

During the symposium, we will continue to announce the most memorable and enthusiastic aspects of the events.


Yiğit Deniz, Venues / Volunteer Coordinator

As the volunteer team, we continue our preparations to make sure that WSCM participants fully experience the history of choral music in Turkey and Istanbul. Our volunteers will be assisting with the famous Anatolian hospitality, so that the participants can get the most out of the well-designed content of WSCM.

Gözde Köse Toköz, Local Network Coordinator

As the host organization, we would like to help the Turkish choral community to effectively engage in the symposium. To this end, we have implemented several actions, from designing a local program for Turkish participants, to reaching out to key actors in the sector to ensure direct communication and cooperation with them. We want to make sure that there will be a fruitful and long-standing relationship between our local choral community and the choral world during the symposium. Our efforts will last until the end of the symposium, perhaps extending into the coming years with new international engagements and events.


Berrak Taş Güzeloğlu, Local Music Commision Coordinator

As the Turkish Music Commission, we are trying to make the Extended Program and Turkish Program the most enjoyable and productive for the choirs, the presenters and you, the participants. Furthermore, we are working to bring you the common benefits and support we can establish through gathering of a large number of choral communities. We are already very excited and happy for the positive effects that the symposium will have among the global and Turkish choral music and communities.

D Event, Organization Agency

D Event Tourism is a full service agency offering meeting and event management services in every aspect of an event. D Event Tourism acts as the organizational secratariat, managing general organization and logistics together with the Symposium Team for WSCM, which will be held in Istanbul in April 25-30, 2023.

With D Event’s motto “Always As You Planned”, our goal is to make WSCM a memorable event. Our team is honored and happy to be part of this wonderful event and can already feel the enthusiasm from participants. We look forward to welcoming you and having a fantastic time in Istanbul, Turkey.

Sinem Erentürk, Communication Strategist

While operating on all communication channels, especially with a digital focus, we make sure to position Istanbul and Turkey as one of the leading hubs in the world for a new and broad understanding of choral music. 


Neris Özen, Guest Officer

As the guest officer, I keep in touch with our guests before and during the symposium and ensure their needs are met. We hold the meetings of the Artistic Committee, Administrative Committee and the Board in Istanbul. Together with the organization agency, we take an active role in ensuring that these meetings and the symposium go smoothly for our guests.


Edited by Charlotte Sullivan, UK