Welcome! The International Choral Festival and Competition ‘Queen of the Adriatic Sea’ is a competitive event that takes place in Cattolica and in some wonderful places of Romagna Region. It is organized once a year and its program consists of three days, from 5 to 8 May 2016. The Festival is part of the Rimini International Choral Competition, a competitive festival which takes place the last week of September of every year. 

The festival programme includes the Competition at the magnificent Cattolica Queen’s Theatre (Teatro della Regina), a concert at the historic Cathedral of St. Leo, as well as a common service to be sung at the Catholic Church. Not only concerts but also the opportunity to stay on the Adriatic Coast, in particular on the beach of Cattolica, renowned throughout the world for its fine sand and for the quality of its waters that has made it possible, for the seventeenth time, the assignment of the ‘blue flag‘. The music programme is completely free, there are not compulsory pieces requested and there is no preclusion for periods and genres. The variety of places selected for the performances, the numerous events and the extremely rich repertoire make this Festival not only one of the most spectacular international choral festivals but also a unique opportunity of mutual and fruitful exchange between different musical cultures. Welcome!