The International Choral Bulletin is published quarterly in the four official languages of IFCM: English, French, German and Spanish. It is distributed to all continents (more than 80 countries) and is the official voice of choral music around the world.

IFCM publishes and distributes the International Choral Bulletin to its members. Originally a simple information sheet, this publication has become a multi-language journal of research and international information on choral music.

The IFCM Executive Committee has entrusted the production of the Bulletin to the secretariat of IFCM. The editor, Prof. Andrea Angelini, coordinates the production of the magazine. He is assisted by an international editorial team and a worldwide net of correspondents and translators. Constant communication is maintained with editors of other choral journals worldwide.

The International Choral Bulletin offers a forum for choral leaders to discuss the importance of choral music in their respective countries. It contains articles related to choral music and activities in a country or a region, or on themes such as music education, sacred music; repertoire; international news; information about IFCM, Musica International; record reviews; choral technique; choral world news; a constantly up-dated calendar of international events, such as choral festivals, competitions, seminars and workshops. Internationally renowned music publishers and other organizations advertise their newest productions or events in the Choral Bulletin.