ACDA 2011 National Conference: Mixed and Women's Repertoire

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Dr. Marian Dolan Choral Conductor


Imagine … one city, four days, 150+ exhibitors, 49 ‘button hole’ sessions, 47 choirs,

42 interest sessions/workshops, 25 score reading sessions by publishers, 13 concert sessions (many with 3 choirs each), 13 score reading sessions by choir type, 13 roundtables, 5 international choirs, 4 honor choirs, 2 sacred services, and about 5,000+ choral conductors. If you can imagine that, then you probably attended “Voices in the Wind,” the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) national conference in Chicago, Illinois in early March!

The total number of scores and composers presented at this conference in all of the abovementioned events is enormous. Listed below are all of the scores performed in the evening concerts by mixed-voice ensembles and by women’s choirs. A listing of the male repertoire will be included in an upcoming ICB repertoire article on men’s choral music. The mixed-voice concert repertoire included 76 composers (70 men, 6 women) from ~23 countries, including 24 Americans, 8 Germans and 7 Baltic composers. About 60% of the repertoire was by living composers. The women’s choirs concert repertoire included 67 composers (52 men, 15 women) from ~21 countries, including 25 Americans and 9 Norwegians! Over 75% of the repertoire was by living composers. The texts of all the concert scores covered a wide variety of sources, but surprisingly few living poets and very few female authors (1 in mixed, 7 in women). The most popular composer? Johannes Brahms (7 scores). The breadth of international repertoire, however, was the most I have heard at an ACDA national conference, and I hope we will continue to expand our choral horizons in future ACDA conferences.

Videos of sample performances from the conference will be posted on the ACDA YouTube page later this summer ( The feedback about playlists of repertoire has been positive, so, as videos were available online, a YouTube playlist of repertoire by mixed voice composers is here ( and one of women’s choral composers is here ( Please visit the ACDA conference webpage ( to download the full convention program book (13mb; 218pages) and to find links for interest session handouts. The next ACDA national conference will be March 13-16, 2013 in Dallas, Texas. Y’all come!


CPDL = Choral Public Domain Library =

*=female composer/poet




Composer SATB: Score Title (publisher) country date text
anon.  Sumer Is Icumen In (CPDL) Eng 13c anon.
Dominick Argento  Everyone Sang (Boosey & Hawkes, LCB-233) USA 20c Siegfried Sassoon
Juan de Araujo  Los Coflades de la Estleya (CPDL) Spain/Peru 17c anon.
V. Augustinas  Trepute Martela / Flax-Picking Song (Alliance, AMP0043) Lith 21c trad., Lith.
J. S. Bach  Alles was Odem hat, BWV 225 (C. F. Peters, 6011) Ger 17-18c Psalm 150
J. S. Bach  Gloria in Excelsis from Mass in B Minor, BWV 232 (G. Schirmer) Ger 17-18c mass
Paul Basler  Gloria from Missa Kenya (Colla Voce, 36-20102) USA 21c mass
*Abbie Betinis, arr. Long Time Trav’ling / American Shape-note (Santa Barbara, SBMP 702)  USA 21c trad., USA
Johannes Brahms  Sehnsucht (G. Schirmer, HL50316770) Ger 19c Franz Kugler
Johannes Brahms  Abendlied (Evening Song Op. 92, No. 3 (G. Schirmer, 11802)  Ger 19c Friedrich Hebbel
Johannes Brahms  Vier Quartette, op. 92   (CPDL) Ger 19c Daumer, Allmers, Hebbel, Goethe
Johannes Brahms  Ave Maria (C. F. Peters Corp., EP66136)  Ger 19c trad.
Johannes Brahms  Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein; op. 110, no. 3 (C. F. Peters, 6646) Ger 19c Paul Eber
Jay Broeker, arr.  Down in the River  (mss) USA 21c trad., 19c Appalachian
Anton Bruckner  Virga Jesse (CPDL) Aus 19c Isaiah 11
Richard Burchard  Ecce dedi verba mea (Gentry JG2417) USA 21c Ps. 92
William Byrd  I Will Not Leave Your Comfortless (ECS Publishing, 1676) Eng 16-17c John 14:18
Caldwell & Ivory  Gabriel  ( USA 21c biblical
Caldwell & Ivory, arr. Ain’t No Grave (earthsongs, S249)  USA 21c spiritual
Ryan Cayabyab  Gloria from Misa, 1982  (Ryan Cayabyab Publishing) Phil 21c mass
Ryan Cayabyab  Anima Christi  (earthsongs) Phil 21c trad.
Nan-Chang Chien Sunset of San Francisco  (Taipei Philharmonic Foundation) Taiwan 21c —–
René Clausen  Tonight Eternity Alone  (Mark Foster, MF3034) USA 21c Thomas Jones
Lionel Daunais  Le Pont Mirabeau  (Hal Leonard, HL08501422/ Walton, WW1278) FrCan 20c G. Apollinaire
Lionel Daunais  Le Pont Mirabeau (Editions a Coeur joie, ACJ 189) FrCan 20c G. Apollinaire
Claude Debussy   Yver, vous n’etes… from Three Chansons (Presser, 362-03318) France 19-20c Charles d’Orléans
Hugo Distler  Singet dem Herrn; op. 12, No. 1  (Bärenreiter, 751) Ger 20c Ps. 149
Gaetano Donizetti  Servants’ Chorus; Don Pasquale (Boosey 48019951) arr, Gilmore Italy 19c A. Anelli
Se Enkhbayar  Ode to Eight Horses (mss) Mong 21c trad.
Gunnar Eriksson, arr.   Cockroaches  (Taipei Philharmonic Foundation) Sweden 21c —–
Eriks Ešenvalds   A Drop in the Ocean (Musica Baltica, MB0500) Latvia 21c      Lk.11, Ps.55; St. Francis; M.Teresa
P. L. Ferrer/Monier, arr.  El Almuercero ( Cuba 21c —–
Otilio Galíndez; Grau, arr.  La Restinga (earthsongs, S316) Venz 20c folk
Stacey Gibbs, arr. Hold On (Gentry Publications, JG2414) USA 21c African-American
Stacey Gibbs, arr. Way Over in Beulah Lan’  (Gentry Publishing, JPG 2370) USA 21c African-American
Iain Grandage    Three Australian Bush Songs (Morten Music, MM2061) Aus 21c folk
Alberto Grau  Magnificat-Gloria  (earthsongs, S310) Venz 21c mass
*Jocelyn Hagen, arr.  Now Our Meeting’s Over; trad American Folk (Santa Barbara, SBMP 969)  USA 21c folk
G. F. Handel  Let’s Imitate Her Notes Above from Alexander’s Feast (Roger Dean) Ger 18c Newburgh Hamilton
Paul Hart, arr. Deep River  (Oxford University Press) Eng 21c African-American
Franz Herzog  Gloria (Helbling KG, C5730) Aus 21c mass
Heinrich von Herzogenberg    Die Nacht  (Alliance, AMP0045) Aus 19c J. Eichendorff
Brad Holmes, arr.  Dance/Shaker Tune  (mss) USA 21c folk
Edward Henderson Your Fragrance  (G. Schirmer, 50486437) Can 21c Rumi
Paul Hindemith  Six Chansons nach Rilke (Schott Chormusik, C43782) Ger 20c Rilke
Clement Janequin  Le Chant de L’alouette (CPDL) France 16c —–
Juris Karlsons  Rotala (earthsongs, S23) Latvia 21c folk
O. P. Kolovski  Na gorushke, na gore (Leeds Music, L-474) Rus 20c folk
*Libby Larsen  Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day from A Lover’s Journey (mss) USA 21c Shakespeare
Morten Lauridsen  Mid-Winter Songs  (Opus Music Publishers, 3-10) USA 21c Robert Graves
Claude LeJeune   Revecy Venir du Printemps (CPDL) France 16c —–
Levente Gyöngyösi Te lucis ante terminum  (Editio Musica Budapest, HL50490007) Hung 21c 7c Ambrosian
Edgar L. Macapili Mururaw ti Buvukin / The Mountains Sing (mss) Taiwan 21c folk
*Clare Maclean  Hope There Is  (earthsongs, S69) NZ 21c Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Kevin A. Memley  Ave Maria (Pavane, P1354) USA 21c liturgical
Kevin A. Memley O Magnum Mysterium (Pavane Publishing, P1395) USA 21c liturgical
Felix Mendelssohn  Elijah Ger 19c biblical
Felix Mendelssohn Finale from Midsummer Night’s Dream (Breitkopf & Härtel, 8720) Ger 19c Shakespeare
Felix Mendelssohn  Der Herr lässt sein Heil, op. 91  (Carus Verlag, 40.075/00) Ger 19c Ps. 98
Felix Mendelssohn  Jagdlied (CPDL) Ger 19c Eichendorff
*Meredith Monk  Things from Three Heavens and Hells (mss) USA 21c Tennessee Reed
Claudio Monteverdi  Ecco Mormorar L’onde (CPDL) Italy 16-17c T. Tasso
J. David Moore  Seinn O/trad. Scottish (Fresh Ayre Music)  USA 21c trad., Scots
Christopher Mueller  Caritas est (mss) USA 21c 1.Cor.13
Nico Muhly  Set Me As A Seal  (St Rose – SRO 100011) USA 21c Song of Sol. 8:6
Eric Nelson  How Do I Love Thee? (mss) USA 21c *Eliz. Browning
Giovanni Palestrina  Exsultate Deo  (CPDL) Italy 16c Ps. 81:1-3
Arvo Pärt   Da Pacem Domine  (Universal Edition, UE 032941) Est 21c Sirach 36:18
Stephen Paulus  Each Day (Paulus Publications SP157) USA 21c trad., Celtic
Daniel Pinkham  Awake, O North Wind (Wedding Cantata) (Edition Peters, 66039) USA 20c biblical
Jonathan Quick, arr. Loch Lomond  (Cypress Publishing, CP1045)  Can 21c trad., Scots
Rahman; arr. Ethan Sperry   Jai Ho! (earthsongs, S231) India 21c India/Hindi
Einojuhani Rautavaara  Suite de Lorca, mvt. 1 & 2 (Walton Music, WTC-1006/HL08500327) Finland 21c Lorca
Sid Robinovitch  Sensemayá (Canciones pro las Americas) (earthsongs, S136B) Can 20c Nicolás Guillén
Steven Sametz  I Have Had Singing (Hinshaw Music, HMC-1330) USA 21c —–
*Rhonda Sandberg, arr. Bach (Again) Come Sweet Death   (Colla Voce, 45-21064) USA/Ger 20c/18c anon.
R. Murray Schafer  Three Hymns  (Arcana Editions) Can 20c —–
John Sheppard  Audivi vocem de caelo venientem (Alliance, AMP0631) Eng 16c liturgical
Urmas Sisask  Benedictio (Fennica Gehrman, KL78.3411) Estonia 21c liturgical
Richard Strauss  Deutsche Motette (1913) (Edition by Eric Banks) Ger 19-20c Rückert
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck     Herr, du bist unsre Zuflucht (CPDL) Neth 16-17c Ps. 90
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck     Rendez à Dieu  (CPDL) Neth 16-17c Ps. 118
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck     Chantez á Dieu / Psaume 96 (Mercury Music, MC 4) Neth 16-17c Ps. 96
John Tebay  Psalm 57 (Alliance, AMP0775) USA 21c Ps. 57
Veljo Tormis  Autumn Landscapes (Hal Leonard, 980000919) Estonia 20c Estonian folk
Peter Louis Van Dijk  Horizons (Hal Leonard, 08742856) SoAfrica 21c Van Dijk
Peteris Vasks   Ziles zina  (Schott Music) Latvia 21c Uldis Berzins
Edward John White  There Is Sweet Music Here  (Oxford University Press, OCS896) Eng 19c Tennyson
R. Vaughan Williams  See The Chariot At Hand (Oxford, 9780193870710) Eng 20c Ben Johnson
Claude Vivier Jesus Erbarme Dich  (Canadian Music Centre) FrCan 20c liturgical
Mervyn B. Warren, arr.  I Ain’t Got Long to Be Here (Mervyn Warren Music) USA 20c African-American
Mack Wilberg, arr. Bound for the Promised Land / American Folk Hymn (Oxford, 9780193869172)  USA 21c trad.
Composer TREBLE: Score Title (publisher) country date text
Nathaniel Adams   Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair  (mss – USA 21c USA folk
anon.  Flos Regalis   medieval sacred
anon.  In Paradisum  – 7c chant (© A Di Marco, ASCAP 3506300)   7c sacred
anon. 15thC Mi Atyánk Atya Isten  (transcr.- Graduale Ecclesiae Hungaricae Epperiensis) Hungary 15c sacred
*Carol Barnett, arr.  My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord (Colla Voce, 37-21022) USA 21c African-American
Ken Berg  A New Psalm 98   (mss – USA 21c Psalm 98
*Abbie Betinis  I suffer no grief From Behind the Caravan  ( USA 21c Hâfez-e Shirazi
*Hildegard von Bingen  O Frondens Virga  (Walton, WW 1334, HL08501533) adapt., Drew Collins Germany 12c *Hildegard
Johannes Brahms  Mainacht   (Alliance, AMP0610) arr., Z. Randall Stroope Germany 19c Hölty
Johannes Brahms Es tönt ein voller Harfenklang from Vier Gesänge, op 17  (Edition Peters, EP 6617/Breitkopf BRPB-3226) Germany 19c Ruperti
Daniel Brewbaker  His Choir, This Choir (Hal Leonard #HL48020982) USA 21c Aquinas and Rabia
Frank Bridge  Love Went a-Riding  (mss) arr., Stephen Smith Eng 20c *Mary E Coleridge
Charles Callahan  Alleluia      (MorningStar, MSM-50-9457) USA 21c
Guangping Cao  Tianhu Namsto / Heavenly Lake  (mss) China 21c
David Childs  Song of Ruth  (Santa Barbara, SBMP 539) NZ 21c Old Testament
Nathan Christensen, arr. How Do I Love Thee  (Treble Clef Music Press, TC-143) USA 21c  *Eliz. Barrett Browning
John Corigliano  One Sweet Morning  (G. Schirmer) USA 21c E.Y. Harburg
Robert DeCormier, arr.  Let Me Fly  (Warner Brothers, LG53070) USA 20c African-American
Norman Dello Joio  A Jubilant Song  (Hal Leonard, HL50302920) USA 20c Walt Whitman
Lee Dengler  Things That Never Die  (Shawnee Press, B0578) USA 21c Charles Dickens
John Duggan  Futility   (mss, UK 21c Wilfred Owen
*Hermene Eichhorn, arr.   Housekeeper’s Tragedy    (Treble Clef Music, TC-109) USA 21c USA folk
*Laura Farnell  Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep  (Alliance, AMP0727) USA 21c *Mary Eliz. Frye
Gabriel Fauré  Toujours    (Alliance, AMP 0708) arr., Alan Raines France 19c Charles Grandmougin
Frode Fjellheim/Praetorius    Eatnamen Vuelie   (Boosey & Hawkes) Norway 21c/16c Fjellheim/Seiss
Jan Magne Førde  Bruremarsj    (Jan Magne Førde) Norway 21c (syllables)
*Gabriela Lena Frank  Picaflor Esmeralda from Two Mountain Songs (G. Schirmer) USA 21c Jose Maria Arguedas
Ola Gjeilo  Gloria   (Walton, WLG 131) Norway 21c liturgical
Ola Gjeilo  Tundra  (Walton 1459) Norway 21c Charles Anthony Silvestri
Daniel J Hall, arr.  In the Sweet By and By (Walton, HL08501694) USA 21c 19c American folk
Avner Hanani  Morning Bells  (Boosey & Hawkes, 48020659) Israel 21c Israeli
Stephen Hatfield, arr.  Las Amarillas   (Boosey & Hawkes, OCTB6784) Canada 21c Mexican folk
Michael Haydn  Dixit    (Heritage Music, 15/2166R) ed., Banner Austria 18c liturgy
Xunfang Huang A Game of Gong Che Pu   (AnHui Literature and Art Publishing House, 200811) China 21c
Greg Jasperse  Voice Dance   (Shawnee, B0645/Hal Leonard, 35024801) USA 21c G. Jasperse
Tore Johansen, arr. Nu kjem de med brurgrauten  / Norwegian Folktune (mss)  Norway 21c Norwegian folk
Yosif Ketchakhmazde  Archaica II (Lasharis Gzaze)     (1995 mss, ed., Clayton Parr) Georgia 20c Georgian folk
Zoltan Kodaly  Chi’d amor Sente  (Edition Musica Budapest) Hungary 20c Italian folk
Zoltan Kodaly  Táncnóta / Dancing Song   (Oxford University Press, 9780193403499) Hungary 20c Hungarian folk
Pekka Kostianinen   Jaakobin pojat    (Hal Leonard, 48000593) Finland 21c Old Testament
*Tone Krohn, arr.  Det Lisle Banet / The Little Child (  Norway medieval Norwegian folk
Kinley Lange  Esto Les Digo / I Say This to You  (Alliance, AMP 0568) USA 21c Matt. 18
Okar Lindberg Midsommarnatt   (Elkan & Schildknecht, Stockholm SK 384) Sweden 20c
*Joanne Metcalf  Seikilos     (Edizione La Serenissima, 1525-305) USA 21c ancient Greek
W.A. Mozart; arr., Cable    Overture to the Marriage of Figaro   (Hinshaw, HMC-1328)  Austria 18c
Arne Nordheim No, Music   (Ed Wilhelm Hansen) Norway 21c Percy Shelley
Knut Nystedt  Shells   (Norsk Musikforlag AS) Norway 20c *Kathleen Raine
Henrik Ødegaard, arr. Stundom e min kjerring så god  (Cantando) Norway 21c Norwegian Folktune
Ro Ogura  Hotaru Koi  / Fireflies   (Theodore Presser, 312-41520) Japan 21c Japanese folk
György Orbán  Lauda Sion   (Edition Ferrimontana, EF 1860) Hungary 20-21c sacred
Odd Johan Overøye Sunflower (mss – Norway 21c
Stephen Paulus  I Cannot Dance, O Lord   (Paulus Publications, SP-270-2 / USA 21c *Mechtilde von Magdeburg
Giovanni Pergolesi  Fac ut Ardeat, No, 8 / Stabat Mater  (CF Peters, 9780193377912) Italy 18c sacred
*Victoria Poleva  ???? ????? / Mother of Light  ( Ukraine 21c sacred
*Rosephanye Powell  Still I Rise   (Gentry, JG2346) USA 21c Powell 
*Karin Rehnqvist  I Himmelen / In Heaven’s Hall (Editions Reimers, 103380) Sweden 21c Laurentius Laurinus
*Karin Rehnqvist  Ljusfälten / The Fields of Light (Edition Reimers, ER103171) Sweden 21c *Edith Södergran
Heikki Sarmanto  Hanget Soi / Singing Snow   (Warner/Chappell, Inc, KL 78342) Finland 21c Eino Leino
Franz Schubert  Gott Ist Mein Hirt (Psalm 23)   (CPDL 2691) Austria 19c Psalm 23
Ron Smail, arr.,  The Log Driver’s Waltz   (Cypress Publishing, CP 1030) Canada 21c Canadian folk
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck     Psalm 96   (Theodore Presser, 352-00004) ed., Paul Boepple Neth 16-17c Psalm 96
Józef Swider  Cantus Gloriosus  (Polski Wydawnictwo Muzyczne SA, PWM 9774) Poland 21c sacred
*Joan Szymko  maggie and milly and molly and may  (Santa Barbara, SBMP 588) USA 21c e.e. cummings
*Joan Szymko  Vivos Voco  (Santa Barbara, SBMP 615) USA 21c medieval
*Joan Szymko  Saboo  from This Wonderful Feeling (Santa Barbara, SBMP 361) USA 21c children
Alonso de Tejeda  O Quam Admirabilis     (transcr. – Editorial Alpuerto) Spain 16-17c sacred
G F Telemann  Schmu?cht das Frohe Fest mit Maien    (Augsburg, 9780 8006 46486) Germany 18c sacred
*Augusta Read Thomas  Kiss Me   (G Schirmer) USA 21c e.e. cummings
*Eva Ugalde  Miserere   (CM Ediciones Musicales, CM 20050) Spain 21c sacred 
Verdi; ed., Rutter Witches’ Chorus from Macbeth (Oxford University Press, OCCO 21)  Italy 19c Shakespeare
Dan Walker  The Unicorn (self-published: Australia 21c
*Gwyneth Walker  Now I Become Myself    (ECS Publishing, 5409) USA 21c * May Sarton
David Willcocks  Psalm 150    (Oxford University Press, 9780193852921) England 20c Psalm 150
Jerome Wright  Suscepit Israel  (pub by Jerome Wright; Seattle Girls Chorus) USA 21c sacred
Robert H Young  For Thy Sweet Love from Two Love Songs   (Colla Voce, 55-48255) USA 21c Shakespeare
Zhangzhao  Spring Coming   (AnHui Literature and Art Publishing House, 200811) China 21c


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