The Health Benefits of Singing in a Choir

By Margrethe Ek, conductor, teacher and writer Several choir singers claimed that they arrived at the rehearsal feeling tired and exhausted, but left feeling happy and full of new energy after two or three hours…


Message from the IFCM President

Chicago, 1 July 2015   Dear friends, As members of an organization focused on service, IFCM administrators constantly strive to find meaningful ways to meet the organization’s stated mission. Since that mission involves supporting the…

Participative concert: J.S.Bach, Christmas Oratorio, Caracas, Venezuela, December 2013

Choral Music and Social Action

By María Guinand “It is clear that music should be recognized as an element of socialization, because it transmits the highest in social values – solidarity, harmony, mutual compassion – and has the ability to…

Trees and houses stripped of life in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, in Tacloban City. Photo by Aileen Siwa.

Choral World Response to World-Wide Relief

By Jonathan Velasco, choral conductor, President of PCDA The Philippines had more than their usual quota of natural disasters last year. On October 15, a powerful quake of 7.2 magnitude rocked the islands of Bohol…


Message from the IFCM President

5 February 2014 Dear friends, During the past four difficult years, we have learned much about what in IFCM is stable and what isn’t. Fundamentally, there are two aspects to running IFCM: artistic and operations….