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Romuald Twardowski

When the new and the old become original   Andrea Angelini, ICB Managing Editor   Andrea Angelini: How would you describe your compositional style? Romuald Twardowski: The features…


Andrea Angelini ICB Managing Editor   “One of the elements that without a doubt influences the quality of a choir’s sound during a concert… is…


The Choral Festival in Catalonia

By Barbara Anglí, Montserrat Cadevall, Ramon Vilar (Catalonian Choral Federation)   Catalonia is a country of festivals. Every year, over 360 music festivals are celebrated…

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Choral Technique

Performing Polyphony (part 1)

By Peter Phillips – Director of the Tallis Scholars Brodsky’s misgivings about Ezra Pound’s Cantos could stand for many old-fashioned interpretations of polyphony: take a…

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