IFCM Advisors 2008 – 2011

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We are pleased to announce that all Advisors recommended by the IFCM Board have now accepted to serve. Please find below the complete list.


Anne Meier Baker (USA)

Robert Cooper (Canada)

Rudolf de Beer (South Africa)

Andre de Quadros (USA, Middle East)

Ricardo Denegri (Argentina)

Derkij Edusei (Ghana)

María Guinand (Venezuela)

Simon Halsey (United Kingdom)

Akihiro Kanagawa (Japan)

Boniface Mganga (Kenya)

Enrico Miaroma (Italy)

Luis Olivieri (Puerto Rico)

Leonard Ratzlaff (Canada)

Anne Karin Sundal-Ask (Norway)

Jonathan Velasco (Philippines)

Linfeng Wu (China)


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