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Vladimir Opacic World Youth Choir Manager


The World Youth Choir is one of the most original and important choirs existing nowadays. Made of young singers between the ages of 17 and 26 from different nationalities, the World Youth Choir brings together talented young singers from all over the world, to its sessions organized in different world countries, twice each year.  Artistically, it is a unique experience for young singers to develop their musical and vocal talents by interacting with internationally recognized conductors performing challenging repertoires in a professional level. Beyond the artistic project, which in itself is a major achievement, socially, more than 40 countries/nationalities represented, do emphasize the World Youth Choir as a school of understanding between different cultures, people, music and traditions as well as the unique experience in personal relationships for its members Regardless of political or cultural differences, more or less 100 young people, with a passion for singing, share one month together, allowing work, play conversation and debate. Without any speeches or banners, the World Youth Choir provides its message of music, and by its presence, its message of international peace, brotherhood, and the vitality of life itself. This is the reason why UNESCO has named this project “Artist for peace”.


Project of: The Foundation World Youth Choir, c/o World Forum in The Hague, the Netherlands


Patrons: European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC); Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI); International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM)


Future sessions:

Each year in a different part of the world for intensive rehearsals (two weeks) with two different conductors and contrasting programs followed by two weeks tour within the region, performing in major concert halls. During the Tour, the choir intends to enhance its social and pedagogical mission by interacting with local schools, choirs through master classes, workshops and clinics.


Call for future hosts of the World Youth Choir session 2013 and beyond

Bring the World Youth Choir to your country!


Who can host the World Youth Choir?

Cultural associations, foundations, universities, music, choral or orchestra directors’ federations, most important choral or cultural festivals, governmental institutions – ministries, etc…are eligible to host the World Youth Choir in their respective country. Of course, institutions of other kind (focused on youth, education, national heritage, science, intercultural exchange, etc…) indirectly connected to music and culture, through their projects, are eligible as well. As well as state or private institutions of other kind, directly or indirectly supporting youth, education and culture through their annual programs!

The rehearsal session and part of the concert tour should be in one host country, maximum. For the second part of the concert tour more than one country can be included (shared concert tour in the host and the surrounding countries). Maximum number of these countries depends of several different criteria, agreed between the organizer and the World Youth Choir management.


For more information (how to organize the session/minimum and maximum standards needed/budgets) please visit and download the organizational guidelines under “Host the WYC” button.


Why host the World Youth Choir?   

The World Youth Choir is a unique opportunity for a country to present this original ensemble on stage. In its 22 years of history, the World Youth Choir has provided numerous advantages to those organizations who decided to become hosts.


Social and Artistic advantages 

  • The World Youth Choir is a youth musical showcase of the highest quality with a challenging repertoire and internationally renowned conductors.
  • The World Youth Choir is a project for peace.
  • The World Youth Choir is an educational project. Local schools and choirs will have the chance to learn from singers from more than 40 different countries and cultures without leaving their classrooms.
  • The singers of the World Youth Choir will turn into ambassadors for the host country.
  • The fact that the choir is recognized as UNESCO “Artist for Peace” and is supported by the internationally recognized organizations Jeunesses Musicales International, European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and the International Federation for Choral Music will bring prestige to the local


How to apply?

The letter of intent, containing short, basic proposal of the complete project/session (camp place, dates, concert tour possibilities, number of countries involved, etc…) together with the detail financial elaborate (budget, including incomes and expenditures) and the list of institutions involved or to be involved in the project (financially and logistically), as well as all additional information/documents by applicants choice, to be submitted to not later than May 1st of the following year, two years before the proposed session dates.


For more information, guidelines on how to host the World Youth Choir, as well as a sample budget and contract documents, check the


Looking forward to cooperate with you in the future,

Truly yours,

The Foundation World Youth Choir and the World Youth Choir project!


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